Measure for Delivery

How to Measure for Furniture Delivery

When purchasing new furniture, we suggest noting all important measurements and obstructions to ensure a successful delivery.

How to Measure

Measure the diagonal depth and width of the furniture to determine if it will fit through your home’s entryways.

For apartment buildings or homes with elevators, it is important to measure the elevator interior height, elevator opening and opposite wall distance.

Quick Fit Questions

  • Can our delivery truck fit down your road?
  • Will the furniture fit through all doorways?
  • Will our team fit through your hallway with product?
  • Will the furniture fit up your stairway?
  • Is your room ready for the product?

Download Measure for Delivery PDF

Delivery Measurement Diagram

  1. Exterior/Front doorway height
  2. Exterior/Front doorway width & clearance to opposite wall
  3. Staircase width
  4. Staircase corner width & clearance to opposite wall upstairs
  5. Low-hanging light fixtures
  6. Interior doorway width & clearance to opposite wall
  7. Interior doorway height
  8. Stairwell overhang/ceiling height

How to Prepare Your Home for Delivery

  • Secure low-hanging light fixtures
  • Remove doors if necessary
  • Set rugs in place
  • Remove pictures or art
  • Move other furniture
  • Put pets in another room

Please be aware that our delivery team is unable to make preparations for you, and will not hoist furniture or remove windows.

During delivery, please inspect your furniture and report any damage to our delivery team so we can resolve the issue promptly.